Tuesday, August 28, 2012

S'mores cake

Yum! I was looking through recipes to try that I had in my piles and this looked like a great dessert. We were getting things rounded up for school to start today and I did not want to spend all afternoon in the kitchen so I threw this together and it was a hit! Smells good while baking as well.
1 box chocolate cake mix, all the ingredients on the box as well. I used Devils Food.
2 cups mini marshmallows
1 c semi sweet chocolate chips
graham cracker crumbs or whole graham crackers

Spray the slow cooker with cooking spray.  Make batter as stated on the box and pour into slow cooker.  Cover, cook on high for 2-21/2 hours.  Turn off cooker and put the marshmallows and chocolate chips over the top and cover for 10 minutes. Spoon warm cake and serve with graham crumbs or squares. Easy and yummy! Enjoy~

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